All Tracks Studio Cubase

Looking for a Recording Studio in Derry/ Londonderry?

Derrymusic has a well equipped, purpose built digital and analogue Recording Studio. Good range of Microphones including:_

AKG / Shure / Avantone / Audio Technica

Focusrite & Golden Age Preamps / Compressor

Fender Guitars & Valve Amp - plus various acoustics and much more!

A comprehensive list of top quality backing tracks in General Midi - MP3 - Wav

All the Top Names in Irish Country - Irish Folk - Classic Country

Standards from the 60s - 70s -80s ………. Medleys - Plus many more from only £3.95

Also available   *AUDIO TRACKS*   recorded with “Live Guitars and Real Sound Samples

Check out the Website for Demos……………..

Basic setup - linking Cubase with:-

Audio Interface / keyboard / speakers /desk (if used), troubleshooting

Basic recording - beginning a project, recording midi and audio, Intermediate recording - editing midi data, transport window,

audio manipulation, adding basic effects

Advanced recording - automation, audio warping, advanced Plugin effects, compression, limiting, eq  other Cubase vsti's  eg Halion / Addictive Drums

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